YouMacro Video Downloader

Drag and drop any video from your favorite browser, or use our special custom browser to download any video or music. No usage limits. No ads. 100% Free.

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No Usage Limits. No Ads. No Subscriptions. Pure 100% free.

Drag and Drop Videos

Simply drag and drop videos from your favorite website to download them.

Parallel Downloads

Download hundreds of videos in parallel without any throttling limits.

High Resolution Videos

Source videos are downloaded directly without any resolution loss. Choose any resolution including 1080, 4k, and 8k.

Dowload Social Media

Download videos from all popular social media websites such as YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Download Audio Only

Sometimes you just want the audio, such as for songs. This and more settings can be accessed in the settings.

Open Source

Source code is hosted on Github. Many of the features in this app were suggested by our users.

See our features in action

Downloads made simple and fast

Read and watch our features in action below.

Features 01
So simple. So quick

Drag and drop videos

Just drag and drop videos from the browser to start downloading. Then watch all the downloads finish in the app.

  • Left-click the link or video thumbnail in your browser.
  • Drag it over to YouMacro.
  • Release the mouse to drop the video.
Features 02
Super Fast. Use Hot Keys

Right-click and copy video links

Alternatively, right-click over the video in the browser and copy the link addresses. YouMacro will then automatically start to download the video.

  • Right-click the link or video thumnail.
  • Choose "copy link address".
  • You can also use the CTRL-L hot-key depending on your browser.
Features 03
Give us feedback. Help make it better

Open source code base

Most of YouMacro is open source, and we welcome any contributions. The release binaries are always scanned with antivirus software for safety.

  • Help make YouMacro better.
  • Submit a review in the app.
  • We read all submitted app reviews.